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Envelope 1's manufacturing facility is 150,000 square feet is located on 12 acres in Columbiana, Ohio.

At Envelope1 we are evolving the envelope procurement experience, yet again.  As part of the Pidgeon group of companies we have been providing quality envelopes of all shapes and sizes, on time, for over a century.  This allows us some unique insight.  Many see envelopes as a commodity item.  For us it is a critical part of your interactions with your client.  It's often the Envelope that provides the first impression of your product or service to your end user, or its the mechanism by which your client communicates back to you.  In either case, it is a critical component and has real impact on the outcome of your campaign.

As a privately held company with on-site ownership our sole focus is the success of our customers.  For us, your success is the only path to our success.  No distractions, just delivering on the needs of our clients, every time.  At Envelope1 our customers enjoy the following:

  • An unmatched customer service & scheduling experience.
  • The ability to deliver over 30 million envelopes a day.
  • True innovation and R&D
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • On Time Deliverables, every time
  • A financially secure company with 100 years of service.

If you're ready to experience a new level of customer care.  If you're looking for a company that can fit into your time-frames, if you're interested in new technologies that allow you new ways to engage your target, if you just need to get it done without the hassle, then give us a call.  You're going to like what you find!

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41969 State Route 344

Columbiana, Ohio 44408

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"We have been providing quality envelopes of all shapes and sizes, on time, for over a century."


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