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Billions of Envelopes Manufactured

With the capability to manufacture up to 30 million custom envelopes a day, Envelope 1 stands at the forefront of the envelope industry.

Why Envelope 1?


For decades, Envelope 1 has been delivering quality envelopes. With dedicated quality control professionals, and highly skilled manufacturing professionals, we stand ready and able to deliver any product.


We invest in the best technology and machinery available. We believe that by continually improving our process, we can provide our customers with an agile result. We continually set the standard for the envelope industry.


With 29 presses and the capability to manufacture up to 30 million envelopes a day, we have the ability to scale your organization’s mail campaigns on demand. From startup to enterprise, we are here to help you grow.

Reach Customers Fast

With millions of common envelopes in stock and 24 hour production, we stand ready and willing to ensure rapid delivery to your facility or mailhouse.


A History of Excellence

About Us


At Envelope 1 we are evolving the envelope procurement experience, yet again.  As part of the Pidgeon Group of companies, we have been providing quality envelopes of all shapes and sizes, on time, for over a century.  This allows us some unique insight.  Many see envelopes as a commodity item.  For us it is a critical part of your interactions with your client.  It’s often the envelope that provides the first impression of your product or service to your end user, or its the mechanism by which your client communicates back to you.  In either case, it is a critical component and has real impact on the outcome of your campaign.

As a privately held company with on-site ownership, our sole focus is the success of our customers.  For us, your success is the only path to our success.  No distractions, just delivering on the needs of our clients, every time. 

Taking That One Extra Step

Our Products

We have been manufacturing envelopes for decades. This experience has provided us invaluable insight into the future of the industry. Our R&D and innovative corporate culture allow us to meet the needs of all industries.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Our sister company can fill, post and mail your campaigns.

Custom Envelope Sizes

Our top of the line machinery allows for thousands of sizes.

USPS Friendly Designs

We take extra care to ensure that your envelope is delivered.

empty white envelope isolated on white, with clipping path

Blank Stock Envelopes

Simple and plain. Send to your printhouse or mail as is.

Window Envelopes

We can provide envelopes with endless window configurations.

Security Tinted Envelopes

When privacy is paramount, let us ensure your client is secure.

Our Commitment to Earth

At Envelope 1, we believe that sourcing our Earth’s resources responsibly will help preserve our planet for generations to come.


Feel Free to View Our FSC® and SFI® Certificates

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