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You, the customer, are the reason we exist. We never lose sight of that and never will.

Envelope 1's manufacturing facility is 150,000 square feet is located on 12 acres in Columbiana, Ohio.

The owners and employees of Envelope 1 are totally committed to providing you customer service so extraordinary that it has our industry buzzing. You will experience a company that listens, understands and delivers. Delivers when you want, where you want and with the attention to quality your business dollar deserves.

At Envelope 1, we don't want just the order, we want an on-going relationship that will thrive. This type of partnership will ensure a dependable, flexible vendor that will appreciate your needs and react to your requirements.

Envelope 1 wants you to enjoy doing business with us. We can do that by making it easy to do business. Makes sense doesn't it! Why should you put up with the hassles - no return calls, missed schedules, strange line items on your invoices that you may have experienced elsewhere. We take these things personally. So personal in fact, you can talk with the Owner/CEO of Envelope 1, Tarry Pidgeon or our Vice President, Jeff Avnet, who are at your beck and call. No bureaucracy here, you get the main man.

I told you... we take it personally.

Envelope 1 has a simple business philosophy. You, the customer, are the reason we exist. We never lose sight of that, never will.

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